Friendly Banter

Sat down on the bus today – 458 errors. Most of them hidden deep within system files like windef.h and excpt.h. Man, I must have reaaaaally been using something wrong. Maybe it was that _getcwd POSIX function I had hacked in to try out my font rendering code. I remembered I put a header in for that that I’d have to remove later. Nope, that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Wait, what? What?
A friend of mine had helpfully decided to show off some code to me the other night. Of course, he just typed it in the first available text box, which I later saved and closed automatically while shutting down my computer.
The source of my errors was this

#define int argh

So if you ever run into this error – it’s probably my mate messing with your head. Watch out for him – he’s ninja!