My name is Tatham and I’m a gamer.

I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Games Technology)  Honours 2nd Class Division 1 from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia.

In 2006 I founded Southern Highlands Parkour: sparking the lifelong struggle between my computer-nerd and amateur-athlete personalities.

Computer-Tatham has worked for several businesses over the past 3 years, doing work ranging from web development through database management, web services and iPhone applications. My passion has and will always be for computer games, and I’m currently running the second independent games company I’ve started, prototyping games for iPhone and Android platforms, and looking for full-time work with a current games studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Athlete-Tatham has been practicing Parkour for almost 5 years, swing dancing for over 2 years, and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle of regular yoga and stretching for the last year or so. Athlete-Tatham is pushing for a standing desk at home.

If you’ve been enjoying my writing, have a suggestion for me, know someone who knows someone who did that thing that time, or just think I sound like someone you’d like to write profanities to, drop me a line at: tatham@codingincircles.com