Here is a collection of games, published and unpublished, that I’ve worked on in some capacity

Shank 2 – Klei Entertainment Junior Gameplay Programmer
I worked on some gameplay in the earlier days of Shank 2 – mainly implementing the sliding ground, ladder climbing and shimmy functionality, exploding birds and some work polishing the Bombed Church survival level.


Eat My Dust My team’s Global Game Jam 2012 entry, under the theme of Ouroboros
One of the featured games presented at GGJ Vancouver 2012. A co-operative two-player racing game where your car runs on the other car’s exhaust. Work together – sharing fuel, dodging obstacles and grabbing powerups – to make it as far down the road together as you can.

Exe + Source: Download | Global Game Jam Entry Page

Dino Fling! My team’s 2011 entry into the Global Game Jam; based on the theme of Extinction. Winner of Judges Overall Favourite and Jammers Choice awards at GGJ Vancouver 2011.
The water is rising, and the dinosaurs are stuck on an island. Pick them up and get as many of them into the boat as you can before the water drowns them!

Exe + Source: [currently too large to host] | Global Game Jam Entry Page | Trailer Video

Space Billiards Asteroids meets Pool, using the ship to sink asteroids into conveniently located ‘wormholes’ as quickly as possible

Exe + Source: Download | Google Project

Class Act Created with an impromptu team during the 2009 Game Jam Sydney (part of the Global Game Jam). Muck up in class to annoy the teacher so much she leaves, but don’t get caught: let the other kids take the blame.

Exe + Source: Download | Global Game Jam Entry Page

MineBall A prototype-turned-released game, 3D minesweeper on the surface of a geosphere. I’d love to remake this sometime with pretty shaders and nice sounds

Download from Android Market

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