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* Tatham Johnson

* 7 West 23rd Ave

* Vancouver, BC

* (cell) 604 341 5663 V5Y 2G8



To contribute passionate programming skills to a team working with cutting-edge software and hardware to bring interesting game ideas to life


  • Current languages: Objective-C, C/C++, C# and SQL

  • Other languages: Python, Visual Basic, Java

  • Unit Testing: NUnit, CppTest, CxxUnit and TSQLUnit

  • Version Control: git, Mercurial, Subversion and Sourcegear Vault


Feb 2010 … Present

Owner, Dinosaur Party Software

  • Created and released PlusContact on the iPhone App Store

  • Prototyped 3 game concepts for iPhone/Android

Mar 2010 … August 2010

Software Engineer, Accent Software

  • Created a customisable 3D graphing control

  • Implemented Continuous Integration and distributed version control

  • Created a customised iPhone app and related web service

Oct 2009 … Feb 2010

Partner, Vorticity Software

  • Handled all aspects of creating and registering a new business partnership

  • Collaborated to prototype 5 game concepts in C# using XNA Game Studio

  • Assisted with the development/release of InvaderR on the iPhone App Store

Aug 2008 … Jan 2010

Systems Developer, Retail Decisions

  • Updated and rewrote Coding Standards documents for C# and T-SQL

  • Upgraded the Continuous Integration System and implemented Nightly Builds

  • Developed and released dozens of changes to improve maintained software

Apr 2007… Jul 2008

Data Processor, Data Processors Pty Ltd

  • Managed $100,000+ investments within second-critical deadlines

Dec 2006 … Jan 2008

Founder & Leader, Southern Highlands Parkour

Assistant Trainer/Committee Advisor, Australian Parkour Assoc.

  • Coached and trained groups of 10-20 athletes in a weekly training regime

  • Assisted in the planning of Australia’s first National Parkour Gathering

2006 … 2007

Casual/Contract Consultant, Kareela Enterprises

  • Diagnosed and repaired numerous computer systems


2001 – 2005

Bachelor of Computer Science (Games Technology)(Honours 2-1)

Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Subjects incl: Project Management, Computational Intelligence, Theory of Computing

Thesis topic: “Computational Fluid Dynamics for Smoke Simulation in Games”, using a cellular automaton-based fluid simulation to simulate realistic smoke movement.


Programming Skills

  • Proficient in C++, C and Java, programming with these languages since 2002

  • Using Objective-C and Cocoa Touch since January 2010

  • Using C#, T-SQL and Visual Basic in a business setting for almost 3 years

  • Familiarity with Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development

  • Collaboration using git, Mercurial and Subversion version control

  • Project tracking using Trac and FogBugz to track bugs and tasks.

  • Development using XNA Game Studio, Asp/Asp.Net web pages, .NET

  • Knowledge and experience in Python, XML, HTML, Visual Basic, HLSL, Prolog, Unix-based systems, & assembly-level concepts

  • Writing documentation using Doxygen, Javadoc and LaTeX

Volunteer and additional experience

  • Participated in Game Jam Sydney 2010, collaborating with 3 other developers to create a feature-complete game in just 48hrs.

  • Have play-tested/beta-tested games for 4 other developers offering gameplay and bugfix feedback.

Current and Recent Android/iPhone Projects

  • Snotty Bubble – a ‘tap-tap’ game of inflating and popping a bubble of snot

  • Balloon Bang – a frantic tap and swipe game based around popping balloons with darts on the Android platform.

  • Terrasweeper – 3D Minesweeper player over the surface of an entire planet.

Interpersonal Skills

  • I enjoy talking with and meeting new people

  • I’m interested in learning new things, tips and pointers for things I know, and expanding my knowledge in any area I’m familiar with

  • I enjoy teaching others, and finding new ways to explain concepts

  • I’m comfortable presenting ideas & suggestions to a group or one-on-one

Mental Skills

  • I learn quickly, and rapidly acquire new skills

  • I enjoy integrating complex things into something simpler and easy-to-use.

  • I take pride in researching and finding support or criticism for ideas and assumptions when presenting them

  • I enjoy discovering how things work, and learning about their components


  • I enjoy travel: I’ve visited Japan, moved to Canada and plan to visit England

  • I practice yoga, swing dancing, rock climbing and parkour

  • I maintain a weekly blog, and enjoy creative writing

Tatham Johnson 6043415663 18/10/2010

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